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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Haunted Gettysburg : One of The Most Haunted Places in the USA

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I never thought much about going to Gettysburg for the sake of paranormal activity. This had been a small town I'd passed to and from work each day.  It never actually dawned on me that stopping within could make me feel a certain kinda way.  In school I was never big into US history, (and civil war was my worst subject ) therefore I really didn't understand the magnitude of what happened there. 

That all changed one day when Don and I thought in the off season we would book a ghost tour.  We thought it would be something fun for us to do, yet I never imagined that it could have been one of the MOST HAUNTED places in North America.  I didn't actually feel that weight on my shoulders until I set foot there in Gettysburg, and had the spirits rush through me.  I was overwhelmed and immediately ill.  I could barely stand.  As a medium, it was too much to bear. 

I could not hone in on one voice, as there were many, cries, screams, pain, agony.  Then I learned all about what transpired in this small town, how 150,000 soldiers descended upon it, and fought one of the most important battles yet also gruesome battles of the union and confederate solders of it's time.   A fight for freedom, yet, so much bloodshed.  

Hear the first of two episodes that we recorded in Gettysburg, and enlighten me on our ghost friend named Gerald.  

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Spirit Reconnects Items to Soothe Her Son Case File 0001

How Can A Ghost Connect to Objects
Read how this sweater meant so much.

How is it possible that a recently deceased loved one can send a message, very specifically of physical items? What connects them to momentos or things? In the podcast below I think I find out the answer on this particular occasion, the answer was simple, to send a very clear message to her son that only HE would understand. 

Learn how a rainbow sweater and a boot changed my best friend's outlook on death. Over six years ago, I received messages about my friend Don's recently deceased mom, one in my car and one in a dream.  I had no idea what they meant, and almost didn't tell him. After thinking it over, I did the right thing and blurted them out to my best friend at his mom's viewing. I have to admit, I was more than scared because I would never have linked "a rainbow sweater" and a "gold shoe boot" to this woman much less to my friend. I had no idea what it meant, but the messages were very clear. 

Don felt instant relief from the messages and knew exactly what they meant. The whole experience was so strange, that we waited until I felt comfortable almost seven years later to sit and talk about it as I wasn't so accepting of my gifts. I wanted to talk to him about the messages, what they meant to him as ample time had passed.   He goes on to explain the strange things happening around the home, until he talked to her spirit in the home and told her that he was okay with her passing on.  

In this case, it's my best friend's mother, but yet I was not that close to her, we would only talk a little bit at a time though I knew her maybe a decade. I am glad she chose me to relay her final words of closure. It's not really a ghost when you know who is haunting you, however, this is considered Case File 0001 because the spirit gives very specific information on items that would mean something to Don.   That's what makes this episode so amazing and leaves me with many questions on the paranormal events that exist.   If you can help me understand this, please find a way to contact me. 

I never use my gifts for commercial use, and they are hard sometimes to accept. 

Here below is Case File 001 The Death of Anne and her Sweater

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

So your Clairvoyant, Not Crazy?

Dealing with being clairvoyant or clairaudient is not for the lighthearted. It is both a blessing and a curse, and now I put the message out there, you are not crazy, and you are not alone.  Unfortunately, some medical doctors would first diagnose you as bipolar, or schizophrenic, if they did not believe in your abilities. Your family may not embrace or accept the fact their child is gifted,and may actually wash it off as matrixing. Scared to tell anyone or talk about it?  Surely religion plays a part in the hesitance. I'm here to say, stop being silent.  

Here's why: 

Sunday, February 13, 2022

VIctorian Houses, Why Are They Haunted?

Creepy Dolls: RetroChalet Haunted or Not?
Creepy dolls I have in my collection.

Journal Entry 2/13/22, Podcast Thoughts

For the sensitive, maybe they will understand, but for the rest of you, let me try to explain.  I was never particularly interested in the WHY Victorian houses were haunted, I just wanted to know by WHOM. 

When you first enter into someone's home, for instance, your Uncle Joe Schmoe, do you sense a feeling or smell that particular descends upon you once you enter? Perhaps it's that of his cologne, or the bacon grease he cooks with, or your aunt's potpourri. Perhaps the house gives you the creeps, has an awful smell from old carpet or dampness, or simply like something you can't put your finger on. Maybe Uncle Joe's home smells divine like lemon pledge and makes you smile.  

For the clairvoyant and specially gifted, it's sort of like that when walking into a Victorian home, except on top of that you know right away if there are more than human eyes watching you. 

You feel the presence,and want to know them. Why are they here? Where did they come from? What keeps them attached to this place, or is it an object?  

Many will say they have unfinished business, and so it may be.  They are waiting to finish it so they may move on. We don't like to think of more horrific reasons. Perhaps they suffered an inhumane death, and feel comfortable in their home, that they loved so much. Or, they are attached to that happy time in their life, or special object that remains in the home. 

How do you tell Uncle Joe that you want to talk to his ghost? Chances are you can't,or won't and don't. 

You will have to listen to the podcast to hear more.  

In the meantime enjoy this one I recorded on Vintage Chalet