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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Haunted Gettysburg : One of The Most Haunted Places in the USA

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I never thought much about going to Gettysburg for the sake of paranormal activity. This had been a small town I'd passed to and from work each day.  It never actually dawned on me that stopping within could make me feel a certain kinda way.  In school I was never big into US history, (and civil war was my worst subject ) therefore I really didn't understand the magnitude of what happened there. 

That all changed one day when Don and I thought in the off season we would book a ghost tour.  We thought it would be something fun for us to do, yet I never imagined that it could have been one of the MOST HAUNTED places in North America.  I didn't actually feel that weight on my shoulders until I set foot there in Gettysburg, and had the spirits rush through me.  I was overwhelmed and immediately ill.  I could barely stand.  As a medium, it was too much to bear. 

I could not hone in on one voice, as there were many, cries, screams, pain, agony.  Then I learned all about what transpired in this small town, how 150,000 soldiers descended upon it, and fought one of the most important battles yet also gruesome battles of the union and confederate solders of it's time.   A fight for freedom, yet, so much bloodshed.  

Hear the first of two episodes that we recorded in Gettysburg, and enlighten me on our ghost friend named Gerald.  

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