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Sunday, February 13, 2022

VIctorian Houses, Why Are They Haunted?

Creepy Dolls: RetroChalet Haunted or Not?
Creepy dolls I have in my collection.

Journal Entry 2/13/22, Podcast Thoughts

For the sensitive, maybe they will understand, but for the rest of you, let me try to explain.  I was never particularly interested in the WHY Victorian houses were haunted, I just wanted to know by WHOM. 

When you first enter into someone's home, for instance, your Uncle Joe Schmoe, do you sense a feeling or smell that particular descends upon you once you enter? Perhaps it's that of his cologne, or the bacon grease he cooks with, or your aunt's potpourri. Perhaps the house gives you the creeps, has an awful smell from old carpet or dampness, or simply like something you can't put your finger on. Maybe Uncle Joe's home smells divine like lemon pledge and makes you smile.  

For the clairvoyant and specially gifted, it's sort of like that when walking into a Victorian home, except on top of that you know right away if there are more than human eyes watching you. 

You feel the presence,and want to know them. Why are they here? Where did they come from? What keeps them attached to this place, or is it an object?  

Many will say they have unfinished business, and so it may be.  They are waiting to finish it so they may move on. We don't like to think of more horrific reasons. Perhaps they suffered an inhumane death, and feel comfortable in their home, that they loved so much. Or, they are attached to that happy time in their life, or special object that remains in the home. 

How do you tell Uncle Joe that you want to talk to his ghost? Chances are you can't,or won't and don't. 

You will have to listen to the podcast to hear more.  

In the meantime enjoy this one I recorded on Vintage Chalet

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